mddwav2-coverA second round of incredible artists and authors have opened their hearts to terrible scoundrels in My Dream Date with a Villain Vol. 2. By turns humorous, sexy, and touching, the stories in these pages dare to explore the romantic side of some of the worst villains from comics, movies, literature, and even the music industry.

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Bannik by Laurel Barickman

My Nightmare Date on Friday the 13th by Emily N3ver

Dating Darkness by Kyle Anthony

My Dream Date with Radu Vladislav by Heather Drain

Swept Away by Joan Arkham

Tentacle Dysfunction by Becky Munich

Getting Head from Red Skull by Jack Shear

La Mort, J’Adore by Becky Munich

The Vampire Lovers by Tenebrous Kate

Buffalo Bill by David Milner

Invitation to Love by Rommel Wood

Life with Sauron by Dana Glover

The Sweetest Summer by Wendy Mays

The Ring by Kevin Park

Dream Dates Gone Wrong by Kevin Maher

Paul Kersey’s Lover – A Fragment by Matt Carman

Zoltar by Carisa Swenson