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About Heretical Sexts

We are a micro-publisher of niche, print material focused on the dark and the bizarre. We provide an alternative to the orthodox.

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Celebrating the Weird

We delight in the strange and unexpected. Comics, cult films, art, music and more are in these pages.

Unusual Voices

The only guarantee is the unexpected. We give a platform to those outside the status quo.

More than a Little Kinky

We don’t deny our baser appetites, especially if they’re of the curious kind.

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Latest Publication

A second round of incredible artists and authors have opened their hearts to terrible scoundrels in My Dream Date with a Villain Vol. 2. By turns humorous, sexy, and touching, the stories in these pages dare to explore the romantic side of some of the worst villains from comics, movies, literature, and even the music industry. Read about steamy dates with:

Freddy Kreuger

Sometimes a dream date turns out to be a nightmare on a certain street. 


The undeniable swoon appeal of Tim Curry in devil drag.

Carmilla Karnstein

The gory truth about lesbian vampires.

Buffalo Bill

Get underneath the infamous skin suit.


Experience the Mordor madman’s kinky side 

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Love Holocaust
Die Mensur
My Dream Date with a Villain Vol. 2
Witch Women
Forever Doomed
My Dream Date with a Villain Vol. 1
Beer Witch

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December 6, 2015Saint Vitus Holiday Flea Market – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY – All the regular stuff PLUS subversive seasonal cards and new prints will be available at this heshin’ holiday event at NYC’s best heavy metal bar.

October 25, 2015Saint Vitus Halloween Flea Market – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY – New zines, swag, and stuff from fabulous HS collaborators will be available at this seasonally spooky event at NYC’s best heavy metal bar.

July 30, 2015 – Kevin Geeks Out About Super Villains – Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, NY – I’ll be co-hosting this multi-media pop culture variety show and reading some of my comics (among other treats).

April 26, 2015 – Brooklyn Zine Fest – Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY – Stop by the Heretical Sexts table for zines, debut mini-zines, swag, and art.



About the Editor and Staff

Heretical Sexts is the brainchild of author and artist Tenebrous Kate.

Tenebrous Kate


Tenebrous Kate is a New Jersey-based writer and artist whose work explores her longstanding fascination with all things dark, fantastical and forbidden. She has written for publications including Heathen Harvest, Slutist, and Nine Circles. She has appeared in a number of New York City pop culture variety shows including Kevin Geeks Out and Meet the Lady. Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire is her long-running blog. Her interests include psychedelic cult films, basement bars, surrealist and decadent art, heavy metal, and all manner of esoteric nonsense.

Connect with Tenebrous Kate:

Author portrait by Opulent Tarnish


Jack Shear


Jack Shear teaches literature written by people who were dead long before he was born. His previous publications include academic work in Dracula’s Daughters: The Female Vampire on Film and Gothic Topographies, as well as role-playing game supplements in the Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque line and a guest storyline for the webcomic Super Coven. In his spare time he consumes poisonous liqueurs, hallucinates about dancing girls, and engages in triumphant saber duels with his enemies. Jack provides feedback and editorial support on all Heretical Sexts publications.

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